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    What happened on the crypto market 09.10

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    Today we continue the rubric: “What happened on the crypto market while we slept?” Here is a digest of the events that took place that night.

    Google partners with Bakkt to promote cryptocurrency

    Intercontinental Exchange-owned cryptocurrency company Bakkt has partnered with Mountain View tech giant Google, according to a press release.
    As part of the deal, Google Pay added support for the Bakkt Visa virtual debit card, which launched in June.

    The card allows you to buy goods and services for Bitcoin or cash.

    In addition, Bakkt will also leverage the power of Google Cloud to develop new analytics powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

    Bakkt, which is expected to go public this month through the SPAC merger, also rolled out a wallet app for various digital assets in late March.

    On Crypto Market: Flare Networks Songbird Integrated Into Institutional Level System

    According to the official announcement posted by the Copper team on their Twitter account, it has significantly expanded the set of assets available for storage and transmission.

    Copper added 61 Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens, 25 Binance Smart Chain (BSC) tokens, Solana Mango Markets and SGB platform core assets, utility token and Songbird governance token.

    Songbird is the “canary network” of the highly anticipated Flare blockchain network (FLR). This Turing-complete EVM-compliant smart contract environment is expected to launch in the coming months.

    Thus, Copper becomes the first organization-oriented service to integrate SGB tokens.

    Copper offers custody services for hundreds of cryptocurrencies. The latest expansion increases this number to 350 tokens.

    On the crypto market: BlockFi enters the Bitcoin ETF race

    Cryptocurrency lender BlockFi has filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission to launch a Bitcoin futures exchange fund in the US. If approved, its shares will be listed on the Cboe BZX exchange.
    The fund will not invest directly in Bitcoin:

    The fund seeks to invest in Bitcoin futures in such a way that the total value of Bitcoin on which the fund has economic risks equals approximately 100% of the fund’s net assets.

    Many analysts expect the SEC to finally approve the Bitcoin futures ETF this October. At the end of the month, the agency can simultaneously approve four applications.

    In July, BlockFi came under the gun of regulators when several states accused it of placing unregistered securities.

    On Crypto: Cardano Powered DeFi ADALend Unveils Javed Khattak as CEO

    ADALend is a multipurpose decentralized financial protocol powered by Cardano, the largest proof of stake platform. Business development is overseen by CEO Javed Khattak.

    Javed Khattak is a qualified actuary (FIA) and renowned C-class business development specialist. In 2018, Khattak was named CFO of the Year by Wealth & Finance magazine. In addition, amid the 2017 cryptocurrency euphoria, Mr. Khattak was named among the 20 most influential people in the ICO sector.

    Despite the fact that Cardano (ADA) activated the functionality of smart contracts just a month ago, many projects at an early stage are interested in building based on its mechanisms.

    The ADALend protocol secured a $ 540,000 private token sale. 1.8 million ADAL assets were sold to early investors.

    According to a statement from the ADALend team, the private sale ended with a five-fold oversubscription. This metric reflects the interest in DeFi built on Cardano among retail and corporate investors.

    Starting September 13, 2021, the Cardano blockchain (ADA) supports smart contracts. Thus, it is suitable for embedded dApps and DeFis.

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