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    Ripple: SEC must respond to admission requests

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    Ripple представляет новую роль для держателей XRP из-за действий SEC

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    Ripple is pushing the SEC to respond to its admission requests.

    Ripple: SEC must respond to admission requests

    Ripple insists that the US Securities and Exchange Commission should respond to its admission requests as they relate to defendants’ “fair notice” protection. Admission Requests are a disclosure tool used to force the opposing party to admit certain facts under oath.

    The Securities and Exchange Commission is demanding a protection order that will prevent it from responding to RFAs. The plaintiff calculated that it would take 473 days to respond to all 29,947 “offensive” and “repressive” requests submitted by Ripple.

    Ripple argues that the SEC will have to respond to some of these requests, urging the court to reject the agency’s recent petition:

    The court must reject the SEC’s motion and instruct the SEC to respond within 30 days.

    Ripple says this will “significantly speed up” the lawsuit.

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