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    Republic offers “NFT security” for fans: AcryptoInvest

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    Republic’s investment platform is now offering what it calls “Security NFT,” aimed at empowering music lovers to share the rights to artists’ royalties.

    These so-called “S-NFTs” represent fan investments in artist songs and albums, and the subsequent profits that these musical assets generate through playback, streaming and licensing.

    One of the main goals of Republic is to bring artists back to control of their music as well as attract fans. This type of investment usually involves buying music rights through “membership units” of the LLC that owns the song or album, the company explains on its website.

    “The same units of membership that would normally be represented by an LLC membership certificate would instead be represented by S-NFT,” said Piali Aditya, chief strategy officer for the Republic.

    Initially, fans will be able to invest in a new song by rapper Lil Pump called Mona Lisa featuring Soulja Boy, as well as an unspecified track from electronic artist KSHMR. Over time, artists may offer tickets, merchandise, and “non-security” NFT sales to investors through Republic as well.

    Republic uses Opulous, a decentralized peer-to-peer lending platform for music-related investments. Opulous, built on the Algorand blockchain, focuses on DeFi credits for musicians and NFTs that allow music lovers to participate in the copyright of artists’ music.

    Republic offers S-NFT in accordance with the US Crowdfunding (CF) rules. “Republic is a registered crowdfunding portal that allows you to post offers under Reg CF,” said Aditya. “Like all Reg CF security proposals, these proposals are not endorsed or qualified by the SEC.”


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