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    How BitGo’s corporate clients feel about Bitcoin

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    Corporate clients are regularly asked to add bitcoin to their reserves, said Darren Jordan, managing director for markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa of the crypto custody company BitGo.

    “There has been a fundamental change in interaction with corporate clients. We have such contacts several times a week. They want to invest a small percentage of their assets, Jordan said at the London Token 2049 conference on Thursday. “This is the most significant change we’ve seen in the past 12 months.”

    According to him, a lot of explanatory work has to be done with such clients so that they have an idea of ??liquidity, regulation and the admissibility of purchasing bitcoin in their particular case.
    Michael Moreau, CEO of Genesis Trading, who participated in the discussion with Jordan, agreed with this opinion. His firm has been working with hedge funds since 2015, but the last year has seen the addition of family foundations and other similar businesses, he added.

    “We are seeing an incredible increase in the number of corporations adding cryptocurrency to their reserves. It’s not just American tech companies. We see the participation of firms from South America and Southeast Asia seeking to diversify their portfolios, ”said Moreau.

    How BitGos corporate clients feel about Bitcoin

    As a reminder, the custodian service BitGo received an NYDFS license.

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