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    Fantom (FTM) May Hit $20 Soon Says, Experts

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    • One of Fantom’s main draws is its transaction speed.
    • The price may reach $10 because of the 1.618 FIB Extensions.

    Numerous new cryptocurrency assets have garnered public notice before the current Bull Run. Aside from the well-known crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and XRP, other assets are gaining popularity. One of them is Fantom, which grew rapidly. Also, FTM pricing is anticipated to hit double-digits shortly.

    One of Fantom’s main draws is its transaction speed. It can settle thousands of transactions per second. Transactional costs are typically insignificant. In May, Fantom had 3 million transactions, making it the fastest blockchain platform.

    May Reach the Double-digit Goal

    In the current trading year, the FTM price has risen almost 24000 percent from its low of $0.0081. With a 100% increase in the last seven days, the asset is now in the discovery phase. According to an expert, The Wolf of All Streets, the price may rise to above $3 in the following two weeks.


    There’s the all time high resistance break and flip to support – to the penny.

    I discussed this possibility in detail in both the newsletter and on my morning livestream yesterday.

    Here’s the newsletter: https://t.co/c6hhKC3tfE pic.twitter.com/eIQRwrip6F

    — The Wolf Of All Streets (@scottmelker) October 8, 2021

    As said, the expert anticipates the asset to establish additional highs. If the asset’s price trend continues, it may reach the double-digit goal in the following days. FTM pricing is presently in the discovery phase after hitting a fresh ATH of $2.43 in early trade. With a 106.13 percent increase in volume, the asset currently stands at $5 billion. Moreover, if the pace continues, it may reach the top 20.

    One prominent expert thinks the price may soon reach double digits despite a little rejection and a minor consolidation. Analyst Pontus Trader sees an Elliott wave pattern. The 5th wave may see the price reach $10.

    Litecoin LTC – Oldest Altcoin May Break Barriers and Rise

    According to the analyst’s chart, if the current wave matches the 2-3 wavelength, the price may reach $10 because of 1.618 FIB Extensions. Overall, Fantom (FTM) pricing is acquiring massive popularity. According to CoinMarketCap, Fantom price today is $2.20 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,535,607,856 USD.

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