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    Bakkt debit card support added to Google Pay

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    Bakkt cardholders are now able to spend Bitcoin and other digital assets through the Google Pay digital wallet platform.

    Digital asset marketplace Bakkt has partnered with Google to expand the use of cryptocurrency. Thus, users will soon be able to add their Visa debit card directly to Google Pay.

    Google Pay partners with Bakkt

    As stated in a BusinessWire press release, users will soon be able to spend Bitcoin and other Bakkt Card altcoins directly from Google Pay. The company launched its Visa debit card in early 2021, and now customers will be able to make transactions using digital assets wherever Google Pay is accepted.

    In this case, the cryptocurrency will be converted into fiat currency before it is credited to the recipient’s account. Thus, digital assets can be effectively used to pay for everyday goods both online and in supermarkets.

    Bakkt will use Google Cloud as its preferred cloud provider to market its services to top US retailers and major vendors.

    What’s more, Bakkt will take advantage of the cloud to bring new analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to its platform. Bakkt consumers can take advantage of this analytics as a loyalty redemption option. At the same time, partners of the company can use them to identify important consumer behavior patterns.

    Bakkt CEO Gavin Michael sees the recent partnership as a testament to his company’s success:

    “This partnership is a testament to Bakkt’s strong position in the digital asset market, allowing consumers to use their digital assets in real time, securely and reliably. In addition, our partnership with Google Cloud will enable us to continue to build an innovative, best-in-class platform that can certainly scale to meet the needs of millions of users. ”

    The recent partnership is just one of many attempts by Bakkt to expand cryptocurrency use cases in the US. In August, the company teamed up with Quiznos to pilot Bitcoin payments at select Denver Quiznos stores.

    The organization also partnered with Starbucks following the launch of the Bitcoin app in April. Since then, Starbucks customers have been able to top up their cards using the app.

    Google Cloud also provides support to the cryptocurrency industry. The company recently partnered with Dapper Labs, creators of the Top Shot NFT marketplace, to help scale the latter’s blockchain.

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